So my last post was about the proverbial emotional roller coaster one rides during the entrepreneurial adventure…

… and it’s funny, here I am now ticking back up to the top of the next big wheeee! by launching my newest thing. Officially enter Highcomms Teleseminars! 😀  Been working hard behind the scenes to line up the technology to make these a reality, and I’m super happy to report that we are go. 🙂
These classes are short, interactive bursts of information, and special tools to help you live even more of the life you want. Whether it’s unblocking when we’re stuck, getting motivated clarifying a new goal, or creating a plan for accountability that guarantees your success.. these calls are bite-sized bits of inspiration and education for anyone who wants to shake things up in an awesome way.
I also really wanted to make life coaching more accessible and affordable, so that people who may not be able to swing full-on coaching, can at least get some great stuff here and there.
I welcome ANY suggestions for teleseminars.. what you want to learn.. what you want to talk about.. what you find engaging.  Anything. Just pop it in the comments below.
Great… SO, without further ado, my first official teleseminar is on Making Tough Decisions, and specifically a tool I love, called the Pain-Gain Model. I learned and personally got my world rocked by this exercise during my iPec Coaching training program. I still use it for both myself and my clients. It’s only $20 to join, and you REGISTER HERE. 🙂
You can either dial in on the phone (recommended), or listen and interact through the web by typing your questions and feedback to me real-time. Either way, it’s really easy, and fun too. 🙂  Whatever mode of participation feels best to you, I say go for it.
Any questions, drop me a line! Can’t wait.