About to jump out of this airplane…

Pretty incredible what this kind of leaping has taught me over my life and continues to teach me.

I am grateful to have learned at a young age that what I think isn’t possible might actually be possible..
I am grateful to have learned to always question the fear I feel and how so often the greatest in life is on the other side of it both in myself and with others.
I am grateful to have learned that learning and growth is the way up and through, equally and fiercely balanced by courageously being myself.
I am grateful to have learned the value of fun and lightness and how they are not mutually exclusive to excellence and legitimate hard work toward a worthy goal.
I am grateful to have learned like minds and hearts are plentiful in this world and it takes us showing up to connect, love and learn together.

Fuck yeah to all of that, I say.

Huge love to the sky and our sky family for all these years and all the rest to come.
Happy sunny Sunday, my friends!

**Any newer jumpers who would like help debriefing your videos, or getting questions answered or just support from and as you grow in our community and sport, check out The VSC and know you’re welcome to join us anytime. http://thevsc.life/

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