Check out this meme:
Oh SNAP! Burn.

Every one of these toxic approaches has a converse skill we can learn to lead ourselves and our lives away from any perceptible “drama” we feel or feel we are victim to.

Mindset, intention, boundaries.
Our mindset drives our choices and actions thus we create the drama.. our intention drives our actions.. if we have not consciously chosen an intention, our unconscious limiting thoughts will lead and invite it in (this is toooooootally normal).. if we do not have boundaries, we allow toxic people much closer to us than is safe or healthy and the “drama” that comes with toxic people will then be close to us.
Each one of these things is a skill we can learn.
We all start out with these kinds of blind spots, limiting thoughts, unconscious and unhealthy behaviors. The beauty of growth is that we can transform all of it.

One of the greatest compliments I ever got in skydiving was when someone said to me genuinely perplexed, “You never seem to be a part of any drama… How do you do that?“

And I had to reflect, how did I do that?
Back then it was simply because I did not subscribe. I had a very firm intention that I did not participate in “drama.“
That intention has served me hugely over my life and career.
Not to say that I have not experienced challenges and conflicts, of course I have, just to say that it has reduced the amount of those things a huge amount and as such allowed me to stay focused that much more on my positive intentions.
The other stuff, obviously I’ve written a book on mindset haha so I’ve done quite a bit of work on that and absolutely see the power and impact of that skill.
With boundaries, I’m now 40 years old and only in the last couple of years have I felt like I’ve really gotten a deeper handle on and skill to communicate and effect my chosen boundaries and standards.

With that it is no surprise that my life is as drama free and as positively energized as it has ever been.

If you feel like you want to learn more of these skills and build more of these emotional muscles yourself, CLICK HERE to my life coaching sample session or please drop me a line directly anytime.
To peace, freedom and fire.
F*ck yeah.

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