What IS “professional skydiving?”

If you’ve ever wondered or had questions, check out this in-depth conversation with Amy Chmelecki of the Red Bull Air Force.

With Amy and her teammates on the Red Bull Air Force, Sean Maccormac and Jeff Provenzano at iFly Westchester in NYC.

Amy is one of the most respected and loved pros in the sport of skydiving leading through such a fun, fierce and positive and progressive example in the sport and wider world as well.
I count myself extremely lucky to call her friend and to have shared as much as we have in both skydiving and the bigger adventure of life.
We both get a lot of questions on the topic of professional skydiving and thought it would be cool to have a conversation sharing our unique yet parallel trajectories in skydiving and life in hopes of helping anyone curious and looking to learn.
We start with our fire-filled youthful beginnings and work our way through our professional journeys, how we got there, what it took, what we have learned, and how we have evolved and maintain passion, execution and evolution in our pursuits now too.

Women’s Vertical World Record 2013

This conversation is for skydivers and non-skydivers alike.

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