Running Around the World: The Real Opportunity in Every Breakdown

This is the title of a podcast I just did with my inspiring new friend, fellow entrepreneur, and sister from another mother, Kari Gormley. I met Kari through the Shankminds* network after I attended Shankminds LA in September 2014, shortly before I moved across the country, and launched into the epic journey we now fondly know as the #WMFT.
The Shankminds mastermind full of SERIOUSLY incredible, like-minded, out-to-contribute-and-kill-it-in-purposeful-pursuit entrepreneurs.
Yeah, my people.
The Running Lifestyle copyThat’s where Kari and I first connected and I learned about her podcast,  The Running Lifestyle.
One day, she reached out looking for expert guests, and I was like, “Hmm, weird, I’m actually a runner now, running all over all these places on the World Tour… I’ll throw out my story, see if it’s a fit, could help her, win-win, whatever works, why not…”

So I did, it did, and here we are.

This week we recorded our interview. In this interview, I share more of my personal story behind the #WMFT, and as always hope it inspires and adds value for you. If you’d like to hear directly from my mouth to your ears, download and listen.
We are Episode 61.
While you’re at it, follow Kari and all her awesomeness.
Either way, thank you as ALWAYS for coming with me, wherever we’re going and however we’re getting there.
Onward, my beautiful people!
*Shankminds is an entrepreneur mastermind and growing network, facilitated and led by unparalleled entrepreneur, businessman, customer-service guru, fellow life-adventurer, traveler, skydiver, author, family man, and funny friend, Peter Shankman. Bottom line, Peter is awesome. Check out the Shankminds page if this kind of mastermind experience and community sounds like something for you too.