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Blue Skies Magazine, March 2015
Life Coaching Column #56
Issue #63
“Take Care-a You”
By Melanie Curtis
Julia was leaving for vacation on the day I went to Oia, I thought I'd get to see her in the morning, but she wasn't there.. I was sad because I so wanted to say goodbye to her, and really and truly thank her for her kindness and love. Once again the Universe stepped in and just as I was getting back and just as Julia was leaving, we bumped into each other on the STREET. So thankful! We got our hugs and goodbyes and yeah, I'm just grateful. If you ever go to Greece, stay at the Noonis Apartments and take care of her for sure. :) <3
I have spent 18 days in Santorini, Greece. The most beautiful island I’ve ever been to, bar none. I have a balcony with a stunning view (no BASE for me), have been able to run every day, hit the supermarket for healthy food, the works. I’m a total local now. There’s no skydiving here, but the beauty and height of the coastline makes up for it. It’s also the off-season, so that means there’s pretty much no people here. It’s me and Julia, the awesome woman who works where I’m staying. Other than our short daily chats, this is the quintessential “me-time” experience.

It’s a great thing to give ourselves time.

And space. Sometimes we just need some space from others, from life, from whatever it is that may be making us feel pressed, less alive, or just less light. In whatever ways you can create space for yourself amidst your life and responsibilities, totally do it.
Time to ourselves is fuel for the soul and also can be useful in the bigger picture by giving us a very different lens to look at our lives through. What do I mean by that? When we are used to always being around people, or always chronically doing, it’s easy to lose connection with ourselves and consciousness in our life. Ensuring some version of space for ourselves where we can periodically recharge our batteries in this way, we can reconnect to what matters to us, and get new clarity on loads of other things too. What we appreciate, what we want to focus on going forward, insight on ways we’d like to make change, who we want to be moment-to-moment and big-picture, etc.
Breakfast every single morning. Seriously.
That space for you could look like 10 minutes in the morning, sipping your coffee while everyone else is asleep. Or eating your sandwich on your lunch hour on a park bench, just you and some deliberate mindfulness for yourself. Could be taking a weekend to go do something by yourself even though you think everyone else will think that’s weird. Could be driving to the drop zone just to do one solo-skydive, throw your unpacked rig in your car and peace back out. Could be anything of your own design. Your version of space certainly doesn’t need to be 18 full days on a deserted Greek Island. I admit I take things to extremes. Hahaa, I’m cool with it. Of course, if that’s exactly what you need, f*ck yeah, I say, go for it.
Interestingly, all this time I’ve taken for myself has re-shown me something I’ve always known… I love people.

Connecting with others fuels my soul. Big time.

I’ve been working during this time away too, and every time I hang up with one of my clients, I’m energized. One night here I went out dancing with some other travelers and had a blast. Julia and I chat every day and the truth is, we care about each other now. I’m talkin’ we even hug. Hahaa, but really! What a freakin’ gift. I’m so grateful. In taking time for ourselves, we create more space in our hearts for others. The next time I walk on a drop zone, my arms and heart will be open and psyched to see you all. Take care-a you. Tizzle 2.0, out.

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