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If you don’t know this already, I write a monthly column for Blue Skies Magthe uber awesome skydiving magazine. #subscribe I’ve written for them for 5 years, and I always wait to post the columns here so that they can first publish in the print copy.
Basically, I have never wanted to take away any oomph from the print issue with pre-emptive publishing on my site. Full support of my people and our awesome magazine. Yeah, I said “our.” I personally feel huge buy-in to supporting BSM, and Lara and Kolla… two people who have supported me, my writing, and my pursuit as a life coach beyond my skydiving career. It’s been a truly win-win, love-love relationship, and I’d always want to do right by them, the magazine, the sport of skydiving, and my own evolving dreams.
And Pierre who does the magazine graphic design and always makes me look cool.
Thank you! 😉
So NOW… they’ve actually asked me to post my columns here on the same printing schedule, so we can share links and do all that good internet juju.
So starting now… my latest Blue Skies Mag column… February 2015, Column #55, Issue #62.
One that came during the World Tour. To catch up on that, read some here: #WMFT.
Enjoy and thank you as always for reading and being awesome.


By Melanie Curtis
So imagine yourself standing on the side of the road next to a big historic boat after taking the ferry across the harbor in Amsterdam with one of your best friends, a couple of Dutch peeps you’ve never met rock up in their car, and you get in. From there, you proceed to have a day full of cultural places, food, and conversation. Windmills. Wooden shoes. Walking around Valendam. Did I say food? Food. Poffertjes. Pancakes. Paling. ETC. Then you head to another Dutch family’s home in Amersfoort, meet them for the first time also, including their adorable son, and from there proceed to have the best of beers, more OMG Dutch food, and antics ensue as it happens when you end up around awesome people. Over the course of mere hours, you make friends and inside jokes that will last for life.

“How are you doing?” “I don’t care a**hole.”*

So why talk about this in a skydiving magazine? Because this epic day with now real friends… they’re all skydivers. And another skydiving friend put us in touch… helped make this happen. All I had to do was say yes and make the effort to reach out and connect. Ridiculously worth it.
Our network of people as a community is SO RICH. Sure, you run across the actual a**hole occasionally, but for the most part, skydivers are awesome. For the most part, love leads. For the most part, we have real connections at our fingertips at all times. For the most part, skydivers are joke a**holes and great people.
photo 2Other skydiving friends have put us in touch with their people too, and the coolest experiences and connections have resulted… hunting and home-cookin in the Champagne Region of France… witnessing the best unexpected sunset in Athens on a private mountaintop… taking in Stonehenge with your old friend you met and coached over 10 years before… having the most badass World Tour partner in crime and cultural exploration. ETC.
All skydivers.

So I’m over halfway through the #WorldTour, and that’s what stands out… the people.

The connections. The best times, amidst all the history, places and perspectives… the best times… the best of this whole experience… are the people. What’s even more awesome? There’s so much more to come over the next half of the #WMFT. What’s even more awesome than that? There’s so much more to come in life. As alternative as it may seem to the non-skydiving greater world, we as skydivers are indeed a family. We are a connected circle of great people with fierce enthusiasm for life and capacity for love. We’re here for each other. We make our lives collectively better when we come together.
I reflect on and share all this with you here simply as a reminder for myself and us all… when you need, when you want, when it just feels inspired… reach out. Say yes. Connect. It takes so little effort and who knows what of the happiest moments in life might come from opening up. Most people are kind, and a lot of people are awesome. Skydivers for sure. Love all you a**holes. Tizzle 2.0, out.
*If you’d like the back story to this one, feel free to email me

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