So here we are, a little cheat-sheet of a few things you can do for your partner to show your love.

When we show love, we get love. Period.  Guys and girls, read on.  And girls, I actually polled real, live dudes for our list.. social anthropology right there, my b*tches.
Guys, this first list is for you.  Sometimes I’m sure you feel clueless, and trust us, sometimes we can tell.  But making us happy isn’t all that hard, all you gotta do is make us feel loved. When we feel loved, we’re way less crazy, and way more horny. Win-win. Here are some specific ideas for you to try. You’re welcome in advance.
Read on:


1. Write her a note.

Doesn’t have to be long.  Doesn’t have to be cheesy.  Can be as simple as, “Can’t wait to see you tonight,” or “Thank you for cleaning the bathroom,” or “Your butt looks hot in those jeans.”  Short, sweet, to the point, easy… and we love it.

2. Walk over and kiss her the moment you or she gets home.

And make it a good one.  Doesn’t have to be 10 minutes of tongues or anything, but smiling while you do it, grabbing her neck/cheeks, looking in our eyes.. yeah, we really do eat that sh*t up.

3. Get her favorite food the next time you’re at the supermarket.

Special yogurt? A certain type of wine?  Salt-and-vinegar chips?  Take note of what your sweetie likes, then get it.  After you get it, tell her you got it because you knew she liked it and you love her.  We LOVE when you notice the details, and we love to hear all about it.

4. Tell her something specific you appreciate about her.

If your girl makes the bed, tell her you appreciate it.  If your girl looks hot in her dress, tell her you think so.  If your girl works hard at her job and you love that about her, tell her.  The generic, “I appreciate you,” is great, but “I appreciate you for these specific reasons,” is where you’ll get the most bang for your buck.  Specifics.  Find ’em.  Tell us.  Done.

5. Take her car in for it’s oil change.

Most guys already show love by way of doing stuff, so this one might be easiest for you. Either way, it’s a good one.  Most oomph will be doing something your girl has mentioned in passing that she wants to take care of, and you, the knight in shining armor, swoop in and handle it.  Of course if it’s something she won’t notice, tell her.  If it’ll be a good surprise for her to find on her own, do that.  Basically, let her find the new picture hanging on the wall in the spot she mentioned, but don’t let her get an oil change at 28 miles.

6. Give her your undivided attention.

Girls get off on feeling heard and understood.  Most people do, but girls for sure.  A few minutes of your time spent really listening to your girl, asking her what’s up, and caring about hearing the response, is huge.  Do this one, and your girl will do anything you want.
What do you think, girls?  What other ideas do you have to give our guys?  I know there are TONS more things that go on this list, and if you want to share, post it in the comments, heck yes.
Ok, ladies, this next list is for us.  I took it upon myself to poll some of the men I know to get an authentic read on what really makes a guy feel loved instead of making up all the answers from my girl mind.  The suggestions below are all legit dude answers, just paraphrased by me. Here we go:


1. Do things for him.

Guys know we have our own sh*t going on.  Guys know that when you take the time to make them a sandwich, do their laundry, or pick up the groceries, it’s on par with a colossal pain in the ass.  When you do it anyway, it means a lot. (Guys, this is the primo opportunity to tell us girls you appreciate it.)

2. Happily give him sex.

Guys like sweet sweet blowies.  They do.  It’s real, girls.  And the last thing a guy wants to feel is that it’s a chore for his woman to get up on him.  Get excited, ladies, and get in there.  Make him feel like you can’t resist him.  Because you can’t.  Your man is hot and you want his action!

3. Let them be guys without the guilt trip.

Guys will be guys and that’s why we love them.  Remember that the next time you’re peeved or pissed at the way he’s behaving.  If he’s a good guy, he’s good where it counts.  I mean, if he weren’t a real guy, would we want him as much?  Chew on that and let it go.

4. Tell him you appreciate the things he does.

Just like us, guys like to be appreciated for the specific things they do too.  If he shoveled the driveway, thank him for that.  If he works all week long to support the family, tell him how much you appreciate such a huge effort.  If he takes your car in for an oil change like the list above advises him to do, don’t let that become what’s “expected”.. appreciate it openly and verbally every time.  If you do, I bet they keep doing it.

5. Get him a thoughtful gift.

Take the time to think about what he would like, not what you like for him.  And with all gifts, no expectations allowed.  If he doesn’t like it, that’s cool. Unconditional giving only, ladies.

6. Be yourself.

Guys want the chance to love you for exactly who you are.  No put-ons or expectations.  If you try so hard to be what you think he wants, nobody wins.  That, and confidence is sexy.
Sweet.  Hope that got you inspired to get your love on!  And yes, I want to hear all stories.  Yes, all. Love you people!!!
PS. Bigger picture, this battle can be fully conquered by learning your partners love language, them learning yours, and taking action in kind.  The 5 Love Languages.  One of the most useful books I’ve ever read.  For guys and girls.  I recommend it to my clients.  I recommend it to anyone who isn’t fully satisfied with their love relationship.  I live it myself.  Read this book, make the effort, and watch your relationship transform. Simple as that.
PPS. Thank you to my dude panel for your blunt honesty. You will forever remain anonymous as promised. Word.