I just had a huge insight blast on the phone with my coach

… a big one… I’m talking I was laughing and crying all at the same time in a flood of emotion.  She basically helped me uncover my fear really, I mean really, stepping into highcomms as my full-time business, and income.  I didn’t even realize it, but I had an underlying fear coming up inside me as my Elsinore paychecks come to an end, and I’m really truly on my own here.  Wow.  This is CRAZY.  I mean, I want to cry and laugh again just thinking about it.  I mean, for you skydivers out there, this is the moment… right after you let go of the aircraft.  The flood of emotion, exhilaration that there’s no turning back, and ecstasy from following your heart. …  It’s huge.  It’s freedom.  It’s ridiculously scary.  And it’s the exact right thing to do.
Ahhhhhh… Right?!  What moment are you coming up on like this one?  What fears you got dancing around under the surface making the experience not as fun and awesome as it could be?  Let’s talk about them, cause knowing they’re there, educating ourselves out of them, is the easiest way to free ourselves from them.

Not sure the parachute is gonna save you? … Let’s learn how parachutes work.

Right now, I feel a little bit like I’m in freefall, not knowing what comes next for my business, how I’m going to handle it all on my own, how to grow, how to rock my service and run a business at the same time, how will I have enough time, etc, etc, etc.  Whew, man, a zillion questions buzzing around, distracting me from the fact that… I already know how parachutes work.  And yes, I’m talking metaphorical parachutes, people.  I got mad skills.  We all do.  If we don’t know the answer, we can figure out who does.  If we’re not sure what to do next, we can think logically to come up with next steps.  If we’re overwhelmed by a mountain of to-do’s, we can figure out how to be even more efficient, or even come up with new solutions that fall outside the current box.  Bam.
Where I have a leg up, is that even when all those mad skills fail, when the buzzing questions are too much to bear… I have my coach who has my back.  For those of you who have worked with a coach who really gets it and you, you know what I’m really talking about.  The hugeness of their impact on our progress, on our productivity, our energy, our enthusiasm, our ability to see awesomeness around and in ourselves, and more.  The impact of that is where it affects our individual lives in a massive way.  The impact then of us, connected to our awesomeness, marching down the perfect path of our choice… that then impacts the entire world.  The entire.. world.  No exaggeration.  Mega ripple effect.  At our work, our home, in our friendships, in people we don’t even know yet via the people we do, at their work, in their home, in their friendships, in the people they don’t even know yet via the people they do, ETC.  Massive.

I seriously wonder how long it would have taken me to get to today’s insight without her… not that I could never have gotten to it, but I wonder.

Truly, what my coach has brought to my business and my life, is immeasurable.  Man, one of these days I should attempt that list.  It would be the longest blog post to date without a doubt.  That is the true impact of coaching, not only for me, but for the clients I’ve worked with as well.  And this is not a sales pitch… I believe in this work SO MUCH, that I feel I’m doing a disservice to the masses not telling every last person I can that this is available to them… so here we are.  I’m telling you. 🙂
This is what I just posted on facebook, and this IS a sales pitch 😉 hahaa:
“Speaking of getting coaching.. I’m offering a New Year’s Special! My insight blast just now totally motivated me to just write it down to you all and make it happen. I mean, we all make New Year’s resolutions that we really want to keep, we imagine changes we really want to make, and coaching absolutely is a way to magnify all our goals, help us find motivation, and most of all, truly help us see instant and long-term progress by holding us accountable to actually achieving the goals we set. If you like my vibe, hit me up.. I’m offering Sample Sessions, buy one for yourself, get one free for a friend.  I’m happy to mail or email out gift certificates too, just say the word. If you think another coach would be a better fit for you, hit me up for that too, I’m happy to recommend you to any of my amazing colleagues. Greater good via individual good.  Tons of love.. let’s do this thing.”
So stoked on this idea, had Jenn rock it on a new page. 😉  New Year’s Special! 🙂  Seriously, if you have interest, just drop me a line.. no pressure, no worries if you don’t end up doing it, whatever.. feel free to email me anytime.
Here’s to a motivated, productive, and inspiring 2012! Love you guys,