Boom, back to skydiving days!

Coaching instead of training today, so had a little more time to eat, but still stuck with the same skydiving plan in general: almonds, fruit, and beef jerky. This stuff is easy to eat on the fly (bad pun, wow, def unintended), gives me good energy, and is delish. All great reasons to stick with this plan. Added a Luna Bar in there today and a packet of dried cranberries too because I still had them in my backpack from the travel.
After skydiving all day long, we hit the bar per usual. After Vegas, my intention would always be to get back on the wagon, but normally… I just wouldn’t. Normally, I would jump all day, tell myself I earned the wings and onion rings, and immediately, gratuitously over-indulge. Without this challenge to keep me simply thinking about choosing differently, I just wouldn’t have chosen differently. I can guarantee those wings and rings would be in my belly.
The cool thing about today… with this challenge, instead of indulging in delicious wings and onion rings, I opted for a tuna wrap with a side of cottage cheese. The weird thing? I did not feel deprived. As much as I knew in my head that eating those wings would be friggin’ DE-licious in the moment, I wasn’t actually craving them (new), and I was committed to my decision to eat something healthy (staying the course). Tuna wrap it was, and I felt full and satisfied at the end of it. Boom.
Throw in some tunnel and a delicious smoothie at home and you’ve got your day. A good one fo SHO. Learning, learning, learning… I love it. I only hope all my accounts are helping you too. 22 down, 8 to go.
PS. Because it’s awesome… today!

Flying upside down is fuuuuuuuuun.

Condition: RED.. Yay after a great day!

The Ladies of Monkey Business and their various styles of blue steel.

PPS. Just had some more beef jerky cause I was hungry late-nite. Word.

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