People ask me a lot, “How are you so happy all the time?”

Well, first of all, I’m definitely not happy all the time. Just like all us humans, I have my emotional-basket-case moments, periods of freak-out, and occasional irrationality that typically leads to conversations with my coach and core peeps that are comical at best with me trying to work my shit out too.
That said, I am happy a lot. Every bit of happiness I post on here, on the ‘ol Facebook, the Twitter, etc… that’s all true. So how am I happy most of the time? The truth… I decided to be. Then I worked my ass off in my own personal growth to learn how to implement that shit in actual action. Over time. So it became my new default. Of course there are days/experiences/moments when I still breakdown too. Totally normal, and I’m cool with it. Mental and emotional mastery… who knows if I’ll ever fully get there and walk around like I’m sitting on a zen mountaintop, but I also can’t say that’s my goal either. I love life in all it’s messiness. As much as I hate the emotional roller coaster, I love it too. Holy shit am I ALIVE in all this insanity. Holy shit am I alive in every breakthrough that comes with it and brings me more and more of what I absolutely believe is possible in terms of life, love, and everything. As generic as that may sound, that’s the deal.
So today, I officially depart on what was deemed the onset of the #WMFT. The #WorldTour. And ya know what, I’ve been freakin’ out for the last 30+ hours. I am absofuckinglutely embarking on something today OUTSIDE of my comfort zone. With that expansion comes fear, stress, emotional charge, the whole gamut of, “nooooo, I don’t want to feel this way!”
And that’s why I trust it. Not that I want to feel like poop ever… more to say sucky feelings are sucky and I’d never want to pursue something that made me feel that way overall. And gosh, even the World Tour, if for whatever unforeseeable reason, I find myself genuinely unhappy in this pursuit, I will employ my free will and decide to end it whenever feels truly right. For now, I see these feelings as the tension and anxiety that comes with potentially, and very likely, epic personal and professional growth. THAT… I’m always in for… I always believe in.
So yeah, on a day when I’m sure many of you would guess I’d be feeling awesome… I do feel awesome, and I feel in “the work” too. Pressing my own personal and professional boundaries. It’s happening.. right here and now.

photo-2When I finally let myself release that fear… let go of those feelings for a moment…

sitting here in the Delta SkyClub in Atlanta International Airport, I met and actually connected with two other people on their own journeys. One was a genuinely friendly, engaged, and open German guy named, Carsten. We first exchanged laughs when he set his beer down on the table next to me and I said, “Thanks.” Hahaha awesome. Then we exchanged insights as we opened up to an actually real, curious, and honest conversation. Then we exchanged info and are already connected as new pals. 🙂 The other was an older gentleman traveling on business who lived in Scotland for 5 years, shared some of the country’s unique history, and by the end of our time talking, we’d covered everything from a fictional beach to his own spiritual journey as an uber-educated and experienced scientist. We hugged when I left. Not kidding.
Human-to-human connections… being REAL with the people who cross our path, and open to at least the chance of a returned real connection… yeah, that’s just good shit, makes me feel alive, seen, present, all sorts of good stuff. It also makes me feel like I’m making a true contribution to the world at large. One person, one conversation at a time. They say our undivided and genuinely open and curious attention is a gift we always have the power to give. Hells yeah, I say. I mean, who doesn’t like feeling like they’ve really and truly connected with another?

Don’t be afraid of the people around you. Look up. Smile into someone’s eyes. Engage the ones that feel friendly in return.

Love you guys…boarding in 30 for Heathrow. Crazy.
Thank you as always for being with me.
Ok, a few pictures…
photo 4

International Driver’s Permit!

photo 2

Heck yeah, all family faces in this sweet thing!

photo 5

Down the slide with Jake! #nephewtime

photo 5

Holy crap, I have no idea what to pack. #nightbeforestress #stilldontknowandImhere

photo 3

Sister drop-off! #LOVEYOUSISTER!!!!!

photo 1

Mom sent me a hug before I headed out since we couldn’t see each other before. Perfect. I LOVE YOU, MOM!!!!! <3


The middle seat open.. and international-travel miracle!!! #herewego! #WMFT

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