Good morning, everyone!

Alarm went off at 5am..

… wanted to make sure I was up and at ’em, and had enough time to get my juice and tea and mind all set before my client call at 7am. Check. Made a concoction last night all my own, fruity and delicious, lots of pineapple, so the guys could try it. (Nick and Karl are fascinated with the juicing machine at the very least.. they’re dudes.) Kept it in the fridge, then this morning blended it with a bunch of ice, a scoop of Spirulina, and a scoop of nutritional yeast.  Protien and processing, people.  Speaking of which, Day 2, number 2, if you know that I’m saying.  Sorry, that’s gross, but I guess when we get right down to it, that’s what this whole thing is supposed to be for, so there you have it.
Energy-wise, I feel pretty great this morning, especially given it’s the literal a**-crack of dawn.

Pineapple, oranges, celery, spinach, and a lime (unpeeled). Oh the lime is intense, I LOVE it. Although, I really love lime. Know that going in.

My body feels normal.. don’t feel depleted or deprived at all, honestly. The biggest thing that surged into my consciousness yesterday was my automatic hunger/get-food response. Typically, when that hits, I just grab something and eat it. Half-conscious.  Also at those times, I normally stop whatever I’m doing to go get something. The hunger trigger serves as a reason to take a break… which isn’t a bad thing at all. Although sometimes eating in general can serve as a reason to procrastinate. I’d also guess we eat more than we need in those cases, and often just what’s available, instead of what’s ideal.
Anyway, back to the consciousness.. what’s cool is that because I’m committed to this very specific atypical behavior, it acts as a highlighter for all the things I’d normally do.  Now that I “can’t” do them, I can see them. How normally I’d ditch my computer and go pick something out of the cupboard. How normally I’d grab that delicious croissant staring me in the face on the counter. How normally I’d get in my car for a Starbucks run, food and drink. Or worse, Carl’s Jr. delicious criss-cut fries. Not that I didn’t see it before, I mean, I’m not a zombie running around completely unaware of my physical actions, duh, no… but now I see that I don’t have to act on my impulses. I don’t have to fill my body with crap at my first desire to do so. And trust me, the desire is there. Last night, Nick, Karl, and I had a full conversation breaking down exactly why stuffed crust pizza is so f*cking delicious.
So anyway, I suppose, on top of recipes, I’m learning more deeply through experience that I do have the power to decide when and what I take in. And that’s big. Don’t know how big yet, but I’m feeling it, taking notes, and we’ll see where it goes… 🙂

The Spirulina and yeast supplements.. pouring my juice over ice and making some blended, healthy deliciousness. Mom and Al rockin’ the sweet Waldo in the back.