Happy New Year, everyone!

As I go into tonight, New Year’s Eve, there are a multitude of things I could choose to do…. go to sleep early because I’m coaching a skydiving team tomorrow (feels too responsible)… booze it up big time in a loud crowd (not feeling it this year)…. dance the night away in a sexy dress with my awesome girlfriends (this one’s most tempting)…but instead, I’ve decided to hang with some other close friends, play some fun board games, tell some stories, eat some delicious and healthy food, and celebrate the ball drop on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve even though we’re in AZ.
Yeah. That’s what I want to do tonight. It feels awesome to know that and to have planned to actually do that too.

Not all choices are easy, especially when faced with giving up other awesome options.

When in doubt, give yourself a pause to survey the situation. What you truly want should float to the surface of your heart. Lightest. Easiest. Most peace when you think it.
The peace you feel means your choice is in line with whatever core values and bigger picture you more deeply see for yourself. And following that lead can never be wrong. In fact, it takes you down the road you truly dream of. Sounds way cheesy, but is way true. Do what you want to do, whatever that may be.
Wishing each and every one you the 2013 you truly want. To fresh starts and freedom! Happy New Year!!!!

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