Today I woke up 6 pounds lighter.

Most definitely feels like my system is purging junk, versus being starved into submission. Similar things to report as yesterday.. most surprising thing still is that I’m genuinely not all that hungry.  I get hungry but the juice then takes care of it.  I crave the bad greasy goodness, but craving and hunger are two different things for sure.  It’s like my body is learning out of the cravings.  It was a bit of a double-whammy yesterday because the juice I made yesterday tasted pretty terrible.  The Spirulina, to me… yuck.  Not awesome.
So I suffered through that, and it got me thinking about satisfaction.
My satisfaction currently is more tied to taste, even though I’d like it to be tied to health.  Hmm, this is an interesting subject matter for sure because I see this ALL the time with my clients (and myself!)… struggling with health, wanting to eat well, wanting to work out, the whole bit, and the vast majority of us having no solid handle on making it happen sustainably.

Why is it that we don’t seem to care a whole lot about “health?”

Logically of course we care about our health.. so why is it so difficult to generate motivation there?  Now I’m no chemist like Walt on Breaking Bad.. I’m more like Jesse going with my gut and using my street cred… on some level, without knowing much, I gotta wonder what type of chemical dependency I’m breaking right now resisting my cravings.  Man, I sure hoping I’m breaking one.  The one that pulls me into the Wendy’s drive through for those new sea-salt “fresh-potato” fries.  That… would be badass. To come out the other end of this thing healthier, more in shape, and not craving the stuff that makes me fat.  If that’s what’s happening here… holy sh*t, totally worth it.
Time will tell…….

Notice no carrots… this juice tasted really good. Just sweet enough to not taste gross. Perfect.