Oh man oh man am I getting an education this week.

I also watched The Gershon Miracle documentary, and with it am having even more realizations about what really is going on with my body, both when I feed it with crap and now when I’m cleaning it out.  Pretty crazy.  I highly recommend watching these things to kick your motivation into high gear.  I truly LOVE the idea that I’m cleaning toxins out of my body, and in it’s place, super-charging it with a boatload of nutrients that I have been denying it for some time.
Thing is, I didn’t even know.

I thought I knew about nutrition.. but I didn’t. I feel like I’m learning a TON.

I feel like I finally really get what the big deal is about buying organic.  I feel like when I go back to eating “normal” food, I’ll actually know how to take care of myself in a BIG way whenever I need to.  I’m still not quite sure what this looks like on a longer-term basis, but I’m on the lookout for that.  Maybe it’s wake up to a Nalgene full of water, followed by a hearty juice for breakfast, and maybe even lunch depending on how much it fuels me.  (Some of these really produce a lot, and as I’ve said, often times I’m really just not hungry, and feel good to go.)  I can most definitely see this as becoming a legitimate part of my lifestyle, especially now knowing the true impact it has for my body, mind, and spirit.  Cheesy way to say it, but it’s real.  It’s huge.  If any of you are considering doing this, I’m of course no doctor so consult yours as you see fit… from my personal experience, I would strongly recommend you go for it. 🙂

This is what I decided to make for breakfast. This is a recipe courtesy of the Smithski’s, and I added in the little zucchini. I actually made it last night so I could stave off my  evening hunger, but most of it went into the fridge for today. 🙂

It made this much. That’s a lot! And that’s without ice. For today, I filled the remainder of this container with ice to keep it yummy cold, and to add in hydration.  When it gets low, I fill it with ice again.  One of the sites I read said to drink a full gallon of water a day while doing this detox. I’m not sure I’m achieving that, but I’m definitely trying.

As for getting skinny n hot, that is most definitely happening! Seriously, I look good.  8.2 pounds down as of this morning.  And I’m not even done.  Total perk to all the kick-a** health benefits of this thing.  I’m completely stoked on all levels… and I had no idea.. about any of this til a couple weeks ago.  Glad I now have an idea, and am giving you similar such ideas.  Word.  Tomorrow is the last full day of no solid food.. I’m almost gonna miss my fast! 😀