Hey hey all!
I’m so looking forward to this experience, even though I know it’s probably going to suck! hahaa
Not really, of course, just kicking my expectations down to the basement so when it’s not completely heinous, I feel pleasantly surprised and it’s easier to keep rolling.

Metal self-trickery, I’m totally down.

Also, I’m stoked because this is a hard core thing, equating to a hard core experience, equating to glorious feelings of accomplishment on top of the physical rewards at the end.  I thrive on experience, and this is certainly going to be that, so regardless of outcome, it’s a win.  So yeah, for that reason, I’m ready.  And raring.
Ok, so for what I’m gonna juice, and how I’m going to do this… right now, I’m piecemealing information together from a bunch of different places and friends, and overall what I glean is that as long as you get enough protein and keep your bowels moving (awesome), you’re pretty much cool.  Bottom line, I’m going to listen to my body to keep myself safe, and if we’re good, keep going.
I started this morning off with hot water with lemon.  Got this from the Juice Master app I bought for my iPhone. I suppose it’s like tea, and a mental trigger for the morning or something, start your day with a hot drink, that sort of thing.  And honestly, it’s pretty delicious.. and it’s just hot water with lemon! What’s up with that?
The first juice I’m going to have is the collection of deliciousness pictured below, courtesy of my lovely friend Mandy’s awesome family blog.  I’m going for the kitchen sink juice she recommends to start my day.  Juicing aside, there’s a zombie novel in our future from her.  Love it. Check her out fo sho.
Thank you, Mandy, for the first one, and thank you everyone for your support… here we go!

Yo Zucchini… don’t mess with me.

PS. Holy crap, it’s DELICIOUS!! 😀