(Wrote this first part yesterday)

Just watched Food Matters.

It’s a documentary on nutrition– the impact the lack of nutrition has had on the masses, and the impact nutrition can have on us if we choose it.  Definitely inspiring me to be happier as I keep juicing.  There’s no way I’m not finishing this thing, so really all I need inspiration around is being happier and more energized as I do it, know what I mean?  My commitment is a done deal, and after watching Food Matters, I feel even better about why I’m doing this.  It’s definitely about more than just looking skinny-n-hot. (Although that’s sweet. heh)
All that said, I hadn’t had any spirulina or yeast yesterday, so I tried to just mix a tablespoon of it in a little bit of water and chug it……. um, no-go.

No joke I almost threw up.

So instead, I juiced half a pineapple, 2 lemons with much of the rind cut off, and one lime with the entire rind.  That intense sweet and sour blast got me over the hump and I could still drink it.  And it wasn’t even that bad.  Phew.
The other juice I made was a full vegetable one.. the pseudo virgin bloody mary (see pic below).  This time I loaded it up with cayenne pepper, took a tablet of flax seed oil, and kept on the regimen of cleansing herb tablets.  Definitely took away my craving for something savory.  Which was sweet. heh heh
(Writing this now :)) Figured I’ve been ignoring the carrots since my mishap with them the other day, but knew I’d had a delicious carrot/ginger style juice, so this is what I went with:
I actually added in one more orange than is pictured and it was perfecto.  Yum.  Also, here’s a pic of what I’ve been doing with the oranges and lemons, cutting off the rind because they say to leave on as much of the pith as possible:
Knowing I need protein, I took half of what this made and put it into the blender with ice and and a scoop of nutritional yeast.  I took half because the protein stuff really does taste like poop and I didn’t want to have to suffer through the entire batch again.  So that’s what I did, and the yeast does in fact taste terrible.  But, when I’m done with the un-tasty half, I still have the super-delicious half to back it up.  Phew.  Less torture.
Other than that, same physical feelings to report.. not super hungry, feel like my body is purging all the junk it’s had housed in there for however long, and I’m gettin’ skinny to boot.  Totally and completely worth it. 🙂