One of the biggest things I noticed yesterday was in the afternoon slump…

… when I’m getting hungry and tired, that’s when my brain starts talking, telling me how this is not fun, telling me stories of grandeur that when this is done how great it will be to be able to have delicious pizza again, etc.  Now, as true as that may be, I have an inkling that the real insight.. you know the cathartic, catapulting kind.. only comes from staying the course.  So like Ross and Rachel, pizza and I are still on a break and I’m gettin’ some from liquified fruits and vegetables.
Ok, so yesterday’s noontime juice was made out of the things pictured below.. it wasn’t too sweet, it made and TON, and it lasted me all the way til the evening.  Filled my Nalgene up with ice, poured the juice in til it was full, popped that in the fridge for later, and drank the rest to fill me up right then.  Seems to be working.  Seems to be that I’m making 2 juices per day, with a leftover serving carrying into the next day.

Yesterday’s juice. Yum.

Another awesome thing I’m noticing is that for the most part, I’m really not hungry.  I get hungry, but it’s not like I’m perpetually hungry all day every day enduring my own self-inflicted torture. For the most part, I feel awake, energized, mentally on.  As long as I drink some more when I feel the hunger pangs, I’m good to go.  I mean, I’m used to drinking Red Bull pretty much every day, so to not have any painful kick-back from dropping that cold turkey… yeah, I’m impressed.
So today’s AM juice is this guy (see below)… I added the Spirulina and nutritional yeast making sure I’m getting my protein, and had the cleansing herbs too.  Staying the course!

Pinapple, oranges, cabbage, kale, sprouts, and carrots. I added the carrots last thinking that I needed a little extra vegetable in there, but I wish I hadn’t. The carrot taste just didn’t go with the other stuff, so lesson learned. I’m totally making juices completely by guesswork. It’s like I’m that dude who never reads the instructions and just tries to put the cabinet together by himself. I’m learning, it’s fun, and all my cabinets are functional so I guess it’s cool.