Today was a classic up-too-early, unprepared skydiving day.

My level of preparedness was that I brought the same almonds and beef jerky from yesterday back with me to the drop zone. Most definitely better than nothing, but duly noting that next time I just gotta make the quick supermarket stop-in for fruit. Check.
1. Starbucks egg-white wrap and green tea unsweetened. Made sense, and these wraps are actually good and good for you. For “fast” food, these have always been acceptable in my mind.
2. Sugar Free Red Bull. I’m detecting a pattern. Uh oh.
3. Almonds, beef jerky, peach. This was the extent of my sustenance this jumping day. And my teammate gave me the peach. She’s a peach. Man, without that peach I’d likely have crashed big, and when you’re skydiving that’s no bueno.
4. Italian sausage, spaghetti with meat sauce, one small bread in the delicious dipping oil, one small glass of red wine, and a side salad. Was a delicious hot meal and perfectly sated me. I had one slice of bread in the delicious dipping oil, and very little spaghetti given the massive bowl of it in front of me. Guys, is it really possible I’m learning moderation?? Knowing myself as the intense and obsessive sort, this whole moderation thing is new and interesting. I’m liking it. Believe it or not, I am not feeling deprived! I was at first, but lately, I haven’t been. Will keep you posted as this one develops for sure. And now, check out the darkest pics pretty much ever. Mood lighting. Sweet.
Tomorrow I actually leave on a trip that fills up the middle of this week. As such, I am going to keep my detailed accountability records for our work here, but I will come back on Friday and post Monday-Thursday, Days 17-20, all in one. This will allow me to be fully present, and as I am accountable to you guys whether I write a daily post or not, that’s how I’m going to do this particular trip.
Awesome. Feel free to comment away while I’m away and I will get back to you all then. Thanks so much for following, reading, and sharing all the great info you all have. 16 down, 14 to go! Boom, past the halfway point! Love it.
PS. Because it’s awesome and a moment of hilarity:

Obligatory blue steel.

Post-blue steel crack-up.

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