Lately, I’ve been randomly thinking here and there about doing a new health challenge.

I really enjoyed and learned a lot from doing the 7-day Juice Detox, and as my health and weight seem to be slipping further and further down priority slope, this time I wanted something bigger. Longer. (That’s what she said.) 30 days. As much as I learned in 7 days, I didn’t end up with any new habits, and here I am however many months later, back in an all-too-familiar unhealthy spot. So a new healthy habit is what I’m hoping to earn after 30-days of….. something.
So what should I do? I love the idea of eating more raw food… not sure 100% raw is something I could do even with my inherent intensity kicking in. Anything is possible, but given my lifestyle, upcoming training, 100% raw seems like it’s setting me up for failure. If a goal feels too hard to achieve, it’s demotivating. Same thing if a goal is too easy.. if it’s not going to challenge you, that too becomes demotivating. We need that motivation in order to follow through, so go after something kind of in the middle. Because I know myself and know I like more intense goals, I’m looking for something that falls a bit beyond the middle. A little more hard core than not. That’s my style. What level of intensity feels motivating to you?  Will keep you engaged and committed?  Find the sweet spot and you got yourself a good goal that’s gonna get done.
Ok, so back to what I’m gonna do… no joke, September is RIDICULOUS for me. Literally on a plane to Des Moines tomorrow morning, come back, go immediately into 4-way training, then immediately catch another plane to Boston for a day and a half, baaaaack for the SDAZ Film Festival, and of course rockin’ out with my wicked wicked bada** clients too. Anyway, my point being, the sheer nature of my September schedule makes a health/eating goal on top of it all intense from the get-go. Any goal I set this month = challenging. Check.
Given my lifestyle is also completely devoid of routine, if I were to wait for the time when I was home for a month to do this, I would never get healthy. It would just never happen, and slowly but surely I would get fat and it would suck. I choose this life. I love this life. Now I’m trying to figure out how to get healthy, and stay healthy, amongst all the freedom. Friggin’ fantastic problem!!!! 😀

LoseIt app in your iPhone…

Ok, enough yammering on from me. I’ve decided, for the next 30-days, I am going to keep a food journal. Every single day. Here. With you holding me accountable. Yes. Instead of committing to a certain style of consumption which I know will be next to impossible with travel, training, and my other commitments, I’m thinking that telling you all what I’m imbibing will keep me from eating that fatty cinnamon roll, or that bowlful of chips and dip in front of the family movie. It might even help me reach for the peach instead of the popcorn. I think if I really have to own up to everything I eat, I won’t eat nearly as much and I’ll be mindful to make better choices.
I think this will work for a few different reasons:
1. I don’t want to endure the embarrassment of you all knowing how much crap I really can (and often do) eat. 2. I want to make you guys proud. The idea of doing a good job for you guys inspires me for sure, I’m that type. Recognize what works for you, and put it to work for you. 3. Accountability really works for me too. My word is VERY important to me. If I say I’m going to do something, it’s done. When I have to answer to someone, I definitely get stuff done more than when I just have to answer to myself. Given all the coaching I’ve done as coach and client, I’ve found accountability to be one of the most powerful aspects of the entire process. Progress is made every single week because every single week we set motivating goals and we’re held to seeing those goals through. I love love love that, know it works for me, and so I’m aiming to use it on myself here. Thank you for holding me to it!!!
Sweet. So that’s my commitment. Every day, for 30 days, starting tomorrow, September 1st, I will post what I have eaten, and any thoughts or insights I have as this experiment rolls forward. ANYone who wants to do this with me, I say HECK YES! Join me.
Post what you’re eating in the comments below and let’s see what we learn. Let’s see the new habits we form. Let’s see our waistlines shrink as we make better choices just by increasing our consciousness. Let’s do it together.
I’m in. Thank you again!!!! 30-days…… GO!

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