So I’ve already gotten a bunch of feedback from people.. tips, ideas, advice, etc.

Thank you, everyone! Totally awesome to see how fired up we can get about what we care about, and in this case it’s what’s worked for people and empowered them to their own successes in health. I’m not saying I’m going to do every idea that comes my way, but I am going to filter through the suggestions I get, and the experiences I have, to choose the stuff that feels right for me. Education unique to me. Unique for each of us. I definitely believe there are different answers for every person, and that’s cool.
One of my good friends, whom I highly respect, recommended that I read the book, Enter The Zone by Barry Sears, so I’m gonna check it out. Bought it on my Nook today, will keep you posted on what I think. Ebooks are the impatient reader’s dream.
Ok, today.. similar to yesterday, I made WAY more conscious choices, and opted out of things I would normally totally gorge on in favor of the new-snack/saying-no experience. I’m the person who does NOT want to share my jumbo movie popcorn and can eat the entire thing sometimes before the opening credits are even done. I’m also the person who doesn’t even go to the movies unless I want popcorn. Movies = popcorn.

Shirley supports my walnuts!

Today, I only had one handful of popcorn and ate walnuts and grapes from a baggie in my purse instead. Sure, I wanted the popcorn, and the candy and everything unhealthy, but my replacements were delicious and I felt good about sticking to my guns.
Today’s list:
1. Two fried eggs, 1/2 English muffin, iced green tea unsweetened: I looooooove eggs. Could eat eggs for every meal, and when I’m home often do.
2. MOVIE: Grapes, walnuts, beef jerky. Unprecedented resistance to popcorn.
3. Panera Greek salad: Fresh and delicious, no dressing even needed when you have the feta and peppercini dancin’ around in there. YUM.
4. Whole Foods Samples: Yeah, we ended up at Whole Foods again. This totally ridiculously delicious and fresh quinoa concoction I sampled and bought for tomorrow’s road trip. This whole planning-ahead thing is new for me, but def a good thing warding off the standard road-trip Slim Jim.
5. Leftovers: Mozzarella/tomato/basil, fresh garden tomato slices, and Whole Foods cranberry tuna: I did eat the one with the bread, but only the one. Again, without this accountability, my portion control would be completely nonexistent. BIG bonus.
Boom. Two down, 28 to go. Dig it. What you guys got for today?
And PS. Just because it’s hilarious. Check out the sweet jackets Nick and I found today while rummaging through his old closet. So sweet.

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