Some days you just gotta rest, ya know?

Today was one of those days for me. After the 7am client call. I really do love getting up early. And I definitely love client calls! I just love getting my day kicked off and then riding the wave of productivity and accomplishment to more productivity and accomplishment.  I’m a do-er, can’t deny it. Most days that’s exactly what happens, but when it hits, the couch and TV call like crazy sirens. Since I’m a believer in listening to my body, and since sleep has been one of my lessons from this experience, I let myself listen, and let myself rest. Got another 7am call in the morning, so hopefully it worked! haha

Today’s food:

*Sugar Free Red Bull (this is my coffee)
*Eggs n thin (the usual)
*Almonds x 3 (what was left in the bag)
*Beef jerky (went for the healthy, Paleo snack when I was starving on the couch and on any other day would have just eaten junk)
*Lemon poppyseed muffin (the other half from yesterday, perfect little treat!)
*Fruit smoothie (blueberries, strawberries, 3/4 scoop of vanilla protein powder, ice, water.. YUM)
*Green thai curry chicken (We’ve had a looooot of curry lately.. it’s our go-to when we go to the airport in Phoenix since we can’t get it in Casa Grande. Lots of PHX trips, means lots of curry.)
*One Dorito chip (excessive moderation)
*One dill pickle
*Bacon burger (no bun, mustard n ketchup only)
*Side salad (totally was stuffed but ate this anyway, oops)
High quantity of food today, but feel like I did pretty well on the quality. Rest, recharge, refuel. Hope you are too. 24 down, 6 to go!!!
PS. Because it’s awesome… random jumping pics in front of random Casa Grande homes we hope our friends will move here to live in:

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