What is something someone couldn’t tell about you by looking at your LinkedIn? … I got asked this question the other day as part of an ice-breaker exercise.
Don’t let the picture fool you, I had to think about my answer given I share quite openly in my writing, on the podcast, on my various channels. What came to mind to share is something that IS on my other channels, but not on the more serious platform of LinkedIn…

I LOVE to make funny spoof movies with my people.

I am a longtime lover of comedy. I have done improv, stand-up, have even taught a class I created on comedy as a key skill in life and business both online and in person in NYC after spending the majority of the C2 conference both times I attended deep diving on this subject during intimate brain dates with other attendees.
And, for 15 YEARS, I have made funny spoof movies with my peeps.
Many of these videos are on my YouTube channel, but I thought it was time to start sharing them on LinkedIn too and I’ll tell you why.
In all my experience building teams, competing and coaching at the highest levels, and doing big work with serious missions, being able to laugh and bring lightness to these rigorous paths is KEY to making them sustainable.

I contest cultivating this skill of bringing lightness to our most serious goals in fact makes it MORE likely we will achieve them.

I have seen this in skydiving coaching and competition, I have seen this in life and executive coaching, I have seen this in my own evolution as a human living and relating in this wild world.
So I went for it and shared on LinkedIn. Our most recent spoof: Winter sports in our 40’s hahaha…
Is this a spoof or is this truth? You be the judge. Either way, I hope you get a laugh and it lifts you up a bit for when you get back to your big work too.


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