If I’m going to be a meme, this is how I’m going to be a meme.

Unless it’s a straight-up nonsensical completely ridiculous fuck yeah meme, which of course have been (and still are) a staple in my professional communication since meme inception. Ask literally any of my life coaching clients or close friends to corroborate this as you wish.
It makes sense I’ve always most resonated with the naughty devil emoji. #FTS

Well-behaved women seldom make history.

That, one of my most favorite quotes, now this.

You don’t have to be a good girl to be a good person.

You don’t.
I got this quote from my girl, Elizabeth Gilbert‘s coffee mug. Sounds cool, I know. I want that coffee mug too.
But first, let’s acknowledge one of the most badass women in current history using her voice, platform and fire to speak. To stand up. To be. To see. To be seen. To seek truth. To share truth. To love. To live. To courageously create and unapologetically express as she is called. To be her whole and human self while continually being willing to wildly fail.
Fire indeed.
Whether intended or not, this is leadership. This is courage. This is love. In my opinion, this is also wildly badass.
This is why I aim to lead and love and live like this too. I believe in these things as the highest possible contribution I can make to this world, others and myself.
So I do it.
I stop asking for permission.
I give my naughty devil emoji the airtime it deserves.
I give zero fucks if people think I’m weird for finding fuck yeah memes as hilarious and awesome as I do.
I give myself the electrifying life experience of being my actual self. Of diving deep to continue discovering her over time. Of creating how I am called too.
How are you called?
Do it.
Then drop me a line and I’ll send you my most favorite fuck yeah meme of all time because you’ll have earned it too.

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