CLASS: Comedy as a KEY skill in growth, achievement and happiness

“As a coach for over 20 years… across ALL of my work with teams and individuals with goals to achieve in front of them or pain to heal inside of them… it has proven time and again that fun and excellence are not mutually exclusive… in fact, fun, lightness and reeeeaaaal laughter magnifies and expedites our success. In this class, I teach you how to find that kind of funny.

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How do we find what’s funny?

How do we find what’s funny when our sh*t’s in shambles?
How do we find what’s funny when we don’t think we’re funny? 
How do we find what’s funny when we’re like.. “um.. that’s not funny”?
That’s what this class will teach you.

We will look at 7 ways to extract the comedy from YOUR life

The whole point to help YOU actually USE this skill such to feel lighter, to LEGITIMATELY enjoy difficult goals, and to give you the ways to practice into a deeper default change in how we respond in the face of stress, challenge or upset.
  • You will learn how “this sucks” can be replaced with “this is funny.”
  • You will leave understanding why this matters.
  • You will be given examples of each approach.
  • You will have the opportunity for live coaching with Mel in the class (live sharing is NOT required, only offered).
  • You will leave with new actionable mindsets.
  • You will leave empowered knowing how to use humor to lighten your own struggles and that of others.
  • Worst case, you learn nothing and leave having spent the night laughing at me. Sweet.

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Best thing about this event?

Learning with Mel… to have her leading this education from her 20+ years experience in coaching, her own long-term obsession with comedy, and her most recent work extracting this insight into applicable and actionable education for ANYONE looking to magnify their growth, expedite their path through challenge, or make the long-term hard work of creating something bigger in life a truly ENJOYABLE road.

100% Money-back guarantee. If for any reason you feel the class was not of value, simply email me and I will send you a full refund. I am fully committed to the win-win always and only, that everyone get value from the things I create.

Next class date and location coming soon!

Only __ seats available
Get your ticket here:
Next Class Coming Soon


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