I didn’t stand up a landing under a parachute until I had 20 jumps.

Now I land standing up in front of thousands inside technical stadiums flying smoke and streamers that carry the pressure of doing justice to a message I deeply care about.
This one at the North Carolina Courage game last Friday night. Here is the video if you’d like to see that too.
How do we actually get to these kinds of places?
✨ In our careers?
✨ In our professional development?
✨ In the influence we have?
✨ In the impact we make?

Peak performance and depth of impact are more accessible than we are led to believe.

Don’t get me wrong, a LOT goes into getting to a moment like this one, but if we look closely and dissect what actually gets us here it is… entirely accessible. We simply need to do the work to get masterful at the skills that build into these moments.
We do this by being relentless in our pursuit of that mastery no matter what we face on the path. Little things build into the big things.

So how do we do it?

Here’s my list:
🌟 Choose into pressure experiences that challenges you to grow in the skill sets you seek. We get to decide what kind of pressure we put on ourselves. What kind of spaces we step into. What kind of airplanes, metaphorical or literal, we step out of. You can do this too, so do it.
🌟 Lean into learning, but also start trying early too. Don’t get stuck in the trap of never doing anything because you spend all your time learning about it. Step into the experience, so much of the learning and growth is only found here.
🌟 Get coaching. As in, get a teammate to help you access the more expert levels of things, and also a teammate to support you on the path too. Becoming truly masterful at anything is sure to be a rigorous road, it can be so much more efficient and joyful when we share that journey.
🌟 Relentlessly iterate. A lot of things will try to stop you. Fear, life, situational elements, personal conflicts, financial issues, etc… you will hit all of it and you you will need to become agile, open-minded, and ironically detached from any short-term outcome to keep going.
🌟 Give back. Whether it’s in moments of support with your teammates or loved ones, or whether it’s to those that now look up to you because you have in fact gotten to a place where you are better than most. We are not meant to do life alone, we are all connected. Some of the deepest fulfillment and continued fire for anything, even at the highest levels, is found when we allow ourselves to feel this connection and when we share all we can.
What resonates for you in this post?
As always, I hope this helps. Please reach out anytime if you’d like this kind of coaching for yourself or for your wider team, or to have me in as a keynote speaker/facilitator for your event or retreat.