If you would like to see what it looks like to dive out of the lead skyvan, fall past 4 other trail planes, dive down to the formation and take your grip on an upside down 100+ way.. this is your chance. πŸ˜‰
Anything we do with mastery involves far more nuance than first meets the shallow eye. Every single person has worked YEARS to get to the level of skill and experience required to be on even this skydive much less make the world record team.
Mastery of any kind fascinates me. I am infinitely interested in those people who take their crafts or curiosities β€” whatever they are β€” to the edges. The outliers.
Mastery for me, and my fascination with it, begs the question… how do we get there?

What does it actually take for a person to become masterful at anything?

In my experience in skydiving and coaching, some of the key elements are:
🌟 Motivation derived from a deeper place. The depth of the source makes the motivation sustainable over the rigor of the long-term road.
🌟 Relentless iteration for years. 10,000 hours.
🌟 Learn from key people at key stages.
🌟 Let go. Surrender into the flow of doing whatever skill you are growing into. Open the door to the innate talent inside you.
🌟 Detach from short-term outcomes and specific timelines while staying rigorously committed to your ultimate vision of what’s possible.
🌟 Believe in the long road. Trust it will take you to an extensive level of experience you cannot access any other way.
🌟 Take your goals seriously. Be brave enough to care.
🌟 Do NOT take YOURSELF seriously. Let yourself have fun along with the intensity. Legit understand that honest levity is actually critical to making it down the long road. Life and big goals are hard enough, let yourself laugh at every single thing that’s funny. Enjoying the road to mastery does not mutually exclude your commitment to it. In fact, it accelerates it.
I’m sure there’s more, but that’s a solid list.
Here is the full jump on YouTube.
Here is the exit and approach on IG.
What would you say goes into becoming masterful?
Comment below or reply here, I’d love to hear your thoughts.