I have loved people my entire life. Deeply. This love drives so much of what I do, and is the main reason why I am so fulfilled by these things.

For many years, this love was also missing a key piece…

I wasn’t on the list of those to actively, intentionally love.
You hear the sentiment that you can only love others as deeply as you love yourself. In my experience, this is entirely true.
When I started down the path of self-love , I fully resisted it. Thought it was this fake positive BS thing that was taking me away from what I really cared about and wanted to focus on, which was loving and connecting deeply with others.

Often the things we resist the most hold the keys to the transformation we’re seeking.

Once I started to REALLY get to know MYSELF deeply, to dig into the depths of my own darkness and pain, to explore my true callings and desires, did I begin to see the same extreme beauty in myself that was always so easy for me to see in others.
We all have this beauty… this beauty in being a flawed, imperfect human doing our best in this world, in being the ball of light we all are at our core.
Apply the sentiment in this quote to your relationships and yourself. Depth unearths the beauty we feel like we need to hide. Give yourself and others the irreplaceable gift of being deeply seen and known. The experience of bearing witness to this beauty is also our reward.
This is one of the greatest gifts of all the work I get to do, both in life coaching and with Highlight skydiving , and certainly the beauty of every friendship I cherish.
I see you.
All my love,