We cannot access the most potent levels of connection and influence without accessing the purity of flow state.

In my experience, we cannot access our true peak performance or optimal team dynamics without accessing flow state.
In this episode: 
✨ I talk a bit about this from the perspective of the high-level training we just did in Abu Dhabi and the freefall World Record we’re about to do in November.
✨ I share about depth of presence with my family and gratitude for it despite distractions life consistently delivers to derail us.
✨ We talk about collective flow state when we’re in bigger teams too.
Have a listen to learn more about what flow is, how we access it and how accessing flow state helps us achieve our goals and intentions that truly require it.

I deliver keynotes and facilitated sessions on Peak Performance and Team Dynamics. Flow state is a key part of both of these things.

Episode 113: FLOW

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