This moment.

For me, the moments of true connection make all the difference.
Whether it’s with my teammates behind the scenes or in real conversation with kids and fans after. The big moment landing in stadiums to the roar of the crowd is unlike any other, but the reason I love those is because they lead to this. Because they require our hard working and building trust behind the scenes.


Bond and love each other. My teammates laugh and make fun of me every time I add this to one of our very official goals lists haha, but I mean it every time.

We are in the business of moving hearts and minds.

The only way to ever do that, is to actually care.
We do this by caring about each other, caring about every key detail that goes into making every demo safely happen, and caring about doing each one in such a way that we have our best chance of truly connecting with those we’re flying for.
Representation matters. Allyship matters. Listening matters. Taking the time to connect matters. In all our relationships… personal, professional, societal, self.


We fly in and we walk around after we land open and receptive to any moments like this that arise. I absolutely loved talking with this little girl and her Mom. Loved it. And this was only one moment of hundreds. Our hope is that this effort contributes to truly moving and inspiring those we touch.
It certainly does me.
We hope meeting people in person — having even some brief moments to meet their eyes, answer their questions, share a keepsake hero card, snap a pic and most of the time get a hug 🥰 — we hope this helps share us as the humans we are too. People just like them who also do this big bold thing. With this, we hope it makes the idea of being bold and brave that much more accessible for them.
Seeing is believing, yes. But inspiration can be like a seed… if it’s tossed on top, it may grow or it may just blow away. When we dig into the soil and plant the seed deeper in the earth, it is so much more likely to take root.
Consider what extra effort you can put in to help the ideas you care about to take deeper root too.
As always, I hope this helps you!
Please reach out anytime if you would like to bring in Highlight to jump at your event, or bring me in to speak or work with your team on influence, relationship building and idea amplification.
Until then, all the love.