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**UPDATE: This CBS Evening News interview is HERE
I just did an interview for CBS Evening News with the absolutely fantastic Nancy Chen. It was totally a last-minute, and huge opportunity for the #Project19 team. Heck YES, we jumped on it! So grateful to the CBS News team for amplifying our message and mission for women.
Much like world records, it is rare that I feel entirely flawless in these interviews, but I DO always feel proud of myself for being brave enough to speak on such large stages in service to such important things.

Being willing to fail is a CRITICAL piece of big-picture success.

Being willing to mess up.
To look stupid.
To not fully know what you’re doing but to try anyway.
To show up anyway.
To gain the wisdom that can only be excavated through experience. … All critical.

Showing up and speaking up isn’t always going to feel easy. In fact, more often than not it’s likely to feel hard. Scary. Imperfect… It also will feel RIGHT.

When we breathe away the fear and insecurity, it will feel right. You will feel alive and aligned. You’ll know.
It’s not easy to let go of the conditioning.. to grow forward from the verrrry limiting idea.. that being perfect will keep us safe. Not only does it not keep us safe, it also keeps us from fully living. From even beginning to access the true power of our actual potential.

So much of being brave for me is doing things anyway despite this feeling.

Believing that the healing of this old pattern in me will come when I collect new evidence through my intentional efforts to show up anyway. To feel the fear and show up anyway. To watch my racing mind try to beat me at this game… and show up anyway. To actually screw up… and keep showing up anyway.
What part of my experience resonates with you?
How do you show up anyway?
Or how will you keep doing your very best too?
I’d love to hear anything you’d like to share.
An unexpectedly big day that started with pj’s, glasses, and no shower. I guess I still haven’t showered but whatever haha 🤓
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