I first read The Four Agreements in 2007. I did The Landmark Forum in 2010.

Both of these things helped me really GET the power of my word…

how much integrity with one’s word really mattered…has serious power.

What I have learned over the last decade+ is that this ferocious commitment to integrity with my word has earned me a depth of trust and influence I could not have accessed otherwise. I’m not talking about perfection, there have been (and are) plenty of times I’ve screwed up.

Integrity doesn’t imply perfection…

it implies the practice of speaking what is actually true in the moment, and continually reestablishing integrity when and if things change for whatever reason, when life happens, when we’ve changed our minds, when we’ve simply f*cked up and it’s our turn to own it.

Infographic of The Four Agreements
At first, this can feel really scary. It’s not fun.
But in my experience, over time, it gives way to connections that are real, connections that can communicate through conflict and bring about ease in oneself that we can be fallible, flailing humans too.
Like much that I talk about in the realm of skills, I’m not saying it’s easy, I’m saying it’s possible.

These 4 things, when deeply practiced, free us from so much suffering.

Which one on this list do you think would most transform your experience? Lean in there.