In my experience, no relationship can survive without trust and respect.

Perfection is not the goal, integrity over time, growth and experience is. We are human, we are doing our best and that’s totally ok.
Acting in integrity with our word as much as possible and making the effort to get back into integrity whenever we find ourselves out is essential in any relationship we care to keep.
In fact, when we find ourselves human (wtf right?! haha) and out of integrity, those become our opportunities to build the trust and respect relationships that go the distance are built on.
I have been out of integrity MANY times in my life, I’m sure I will find myself out many times in the future, and I have felt the pain and shame of that each time for sure.
In 2012 I had a key breakthrough around my word and realizing the true power of our words.. ever since that moment, I committed to honoring that power and courageously doing everything I could to stay in integrity with mine from then on.

Has it been easy? No.

Have I been perfect? HELL NO.

Have I gotten a ton better over time and a lot of messy effort? Yes.

Have I earned trust and respect with others and earned trust and respect in myself as a result? Hell yes.
Looking back on this commitment and the stake I put in the ground then on the person I wanted to be, I can honestly say that I’m still working on it and I can also say every bit of that effort has been worth it. 
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Fuck yeah, onward!

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