2022 was HUGE. The energy as it comes to a close is undeniable. 2023 is starting with this energy supporting it.
NOTE: Every single thing could have a giant post of its own. Also this isn’t even a comprehensive list.

This list is what it looks like when you do the work, stay persistent and go way bigger than what you think is possible at the start.

(Spoiler, this is the 2023 plan too. Who’s with me?🔥👊🏻)
🪂 Angel City FC demo jump with Highlight
💸 Highest paid keynote to date
🌟 New member of The Upside
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇮🇪 Dream trip with Mom and Al
🎤 NC Courage Women in Business keynote
🌮 Gordon Ramsey Hell’s Kitchen demo
👯♀️ Both best friends’ 50th birthday celebrations
🌿 Key healing retreats x 3
🔊 4 years of Trust the Journey podcast
🧉 5 years alcohol free
🌪️ Dubai largest wind tunnel record
💍 Officiated my nephew’s wedding
📖 Motivating clarity on my next book project
❤️🔥 Project 19 Women’s Vertical World Record
🎥 National interview on CBS Evening News
🎄 Holiday recovery and reflection for 2023

SO MUCH MORE is possible than we ever currently think. Remember this as you do your own reflecting heading into the New Year.

What do YOU want in 2023? 
Join communities full of A-players that are also the most generous. That’s one of the ways I rise. Connect. Collaborate. Spark my creativity. It is a key part of my support system. I joined an intimate, intentional and intense mastermind for 2023.
I lead an intimate mastermind of my own for women looking to lean into more heart-centered personal development. There are only 2 spots open. This is the most affordable option to hire me as a coach.

You can apply to join us HERE.

Rising tides lift all boats indeed.
GO TEAM and much love as we close out this year and prepare to head into a new one.