I have been a longtime listener and champion of the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast with John Lee Dumas, getting soooo much over the years that has helped me grow my business, impact and as a person. No joke, Column 69 in my book, written in 2016 is titled, “JLD, Gary Vee and Me.” Haha true story.

In December I got the opportunity to drop my own value bombs for Fire Nation, a testament in itself to that growth and commitment, also something at the beginning of my path in business I never thought could be me.

This week, in 2022, this episode dropped.
So much more is possible than we ever currently think.
This sentiment is proven time and time again in my experience, especially IF we are willing to stay the long-term course with a growth-mindset, grit and a willingness to do things that don’t scale.
We dive into being brave as our access to being free, giving a tip of the hat to Dorie Clark and The Long Game, Elizabeth Gilbert and Eat, Pray Love, Brené Brown and everything she does too haha.
HAVE A LISTEN and let me know which bit is most valuable for you.