I’m guessing 2020 for so many of us has felt like a blanket of cloud cover, perceptibly keeping so much of the light out.. keeping us down.

It has certainly felt like that more than once for me. Interestingly, it also has included a powerful polarity as life in my experience always does.

Highlight jumping for equality. Photo by David Wybenga.

The most electric idea in 2020 in my experience so far is that because there has been SO MUCH proverbial shit.. in the realm of “sweet baby Jesus, you can’t make this shit up”… because it has had so much jarring loss, change and magnified uncertainty, only in that experience do we have this MASSIVE opportunity to get powerful practice with detachment.
We are getting a fucking master class on getting attached to nothing. Staying detached from specific outcomes at literally every turn.
I don’t say this to be depressing. I say this in LEGIT excitement at the electrifying freedom and powerful connection to our light that we only find and can wield when we’re never afraid of the clouds, rain, wind or whatever else.
And how when we’re attached to our light, we have wild power to bravely act.
Shall not be denied. … Exactly.
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All hands on deck,