These features in conjunction with our Highlight demonstration jump into the Alice Paul Institute bringing attention to their Girls Leadership Council program and International Day of the Girl.

I will let this post do the talking, but I think my favorite pull quote from Thrive Global is this:

We absolutely love that we are flying for International Day of the Girl.. for the 1.1 billion girls around the globe fully capable of becoming the leaders of the future. We hope seeing what we do inspires them to think that much bigger about what’s possible for them too. We hope it supports them rise into their own power. We hope it supports them to be brave in their own way, to trust their own voice, to fly both with us and in the ways only they can. 
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And my fave pull quote from SportTechie is this:
Skydiving has such a unique power to capture attention, so we’re using that. Sure there’s this thing we love to do and we’d love to see more women be inspired to try skydiving. But as a medium, it has an amazing way to capture attention and draw media. It allows us to step onto those larger platforms as allies and spark dialogue around issues that we want to change in our country and world.
Read that full article HERE.
Let’s all keep showing up, loving each other and doing the work.
Onward, my friends.