Weird Al and me after he took off the green skull cap hahaa

In my experience, the real work is in showing up.

This morning, I honestly felt really tired. And even feeling that way, I did my very best to show up strong, connected and in service to our skydiving family in the way I could today.
Funny, in listening back to the sesh making the edit, I realized in the story I told about Weird Al that I didn’t even share the biggest part hahaha, that when he left in the green skull cap, I hollered after him, “Nice head!” … Meeting one of my idols for the first time, I told him, “Nice head.” HAHAHAHA! Amazing.
You’ll have to listen to get why this is so awesome.

With Jim <3

Anyway, I wanted to make sure you all knew this as it really elevates my supreme cool factor in that story. 😉
Overall, in this webinar, we talked about identifying fear and clarifying values in the frame of leadership, consciousness and intentional action and connection. Connecting with the power of influence we each have and how we can wield that for good.

A zoom call with my BFF’s, including Carolyn haha, who I also share about in the webinar.. 😉

Have a listen (CLICK HERE) and I hope it helps you find renewed clarity and motivation even inside this shared experience of uncertainty.
Much much love, my friends, thank you all for helping fill my day with light too.
Onward we go.

Meeting Elizabeth Gilbert. <3


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