Another thing happened this week that I never could have dreamed up. 

This episode of Masters of Scale dropped on Tuesday.. the day before the biggest jump of my career to date, so I totally didn’t see it until yesterday after getting an email from someone asking about how they could go make their first skydive.. how they wanted to really, actively step out of their comfort zone to challenge themselves and hopefully grow in courage in other areas too. 
For me, so little you see me doing in my life and career would have been possible without me deciding for myself to make that very first jump. The powerful impact and opening of my young mind from that one experience irrevocably redirected my life and my approach to life in the best possible way. 
I could never adequately in words express my gratitude and love for skydiving and all it’s been for me in my life. It’s certainly not for everyone, but I contest being bold and brave is.
What might that look like for you now?
If you have questions about skydiving, please also reach out anytime. I’m happy to help.

It is an honor and THRILL for me to be on this show with such veteran, respected and bold entrepreneurs as Reid Hoffman, Founder of LinkedIn and John Foley, Founder and CEO of Peloton.

Jumping over New York City with Highlight Pro Skydiving Team for the centennial anniversary of the 19th amendment to attract as many eyeballs and as much media as possible to women’s rights, racial justice, equality and using our voice and VOTE to secure them in our future.

As an entrepreneur, leader and creative myself, I have massive respect for those in the consistently brave and enlivening adventure of being in business for oneself and for those who care to connect that work with as large a contribution as possible too.
Thank you, Reid and John.