The book is out… How To Fly, Life Lessons from a Professional Skydiver…

And it’s #1 in Extreme Sports on Amazon…

Come ON.
Are you freaking KIDDING ME?!!!
This wasn’t even a goal of mine or on my radar… I have no words… insanely humbled.
I am downright reeling from the response on Facebook and Instagram.
I cannot THANK YOU all enough for your love and support both this week and the last 23 years I’ve been lucky enough to be in the sport of skydiving. And the last 9 years I’ve been lucky enough to write for Blue Skies Magazine as a life coach, skydiving coach and person growing on this wild ride of life too.
Because there are so many pictures in the book, it felt important to me to have a color version available. It’s also crazy to me how soooo much more expensive it actually is to print a color copy, so with that, I decided to make the color version extra special. Limited Edition autographed color copies are available for those who really would like that.
The black-and-white, much more accessible version is on Amazon now and flying off the shelves. Haha.. flying.
Yeah, I’m a dork.
Seriously though, my friends.

Your support and love has been wildly humbling and moving for me. I even balled my eyes out in my Jersey co-working space literally in front of all the founders.

Haha true story.
That’s the level of gratitude I feel.
Words truly cannot express it. 
For those of you who do decide to get the book, I hope you love it and get so much out of it for yourself.
Right on, rock on, all my love.

Cover and interior design by JJ Ashcraft. Front cover photo by Zach Lewis. Back Cover photo by Irina Leoni.

Limited Edition Autographed Color Copy
$100 (book + shipping)

*Final production happening now, expect your copy latest by March 1, 2019. Thank you! XO

Black-and-white copy now available on Amazon too!
$29 for this version
CLICK HERE to be redirected to Amazon for purchase