Took myself to the AZ Best Fest today, celebrating Arizona’s 100th birthday.

I went specifically to see Martha Beck, an author I very much look up to and aspire to be like.  Her message is incredible, straight-forward, passionate, unembarrassed, courageous, authentic, funny, normal and yet pushing people to think bigger and further with every article. Also the avenues by which she’s successful– writing books, magazine columns, coaching clients, public speaking– all of those are on my list too.
Anyway, it was super cool.. a small gathering that really allowed a fairly personal feeling to the whole thing.. I got to ask my question from the audience, and I even got to meet her! Now, if any of you know my Weird Al meeting story, let’s just say that meeting my idols is not a strong suit of mine.

As cool as I appear to be other times, let’s just say there are definitely times when I am supremely uncool. Today of course was one of them.

Or at least felt like one of them.
Thank God I had on a cute outfit (which I totally bought in an over-excited/nervous haze before going to the event). SO, it is very possible that I came off as a crazed stalker weirdo with great fashion sense (Again. See: Weird Al story).  But, I’m guessing she’s cool and kind and didn’t think twice.
Anyway, the big take-away is not that I bought a bulky $30 hard-cover book that I could’ve bought for $11 electronically, but that I walked out of there spilling with emotion.  It was like I got a glimpse of the path I’m ready to walk down, and it was a big f*cking deal internally. One might even call it an epiphany.  Actually, I would.  I would call it that.

Whenever emotion comes up inside us over anything, it’s a powerful message trying to talk to us, trying to steer us back to our purpose. Whenever that happens… listen.

So Martha, my sincerest gratitude for turning me into a bumbling dork for those 5 minutes so I could walk away knowing its time to write my book.
Nuff said.  This is chapter 8.  Hahaha, ok, maybe not, but I’m on it, already creating the outline.  Love you guys!!!  Thank you too for all your support. So much love for you all.
Big time.
Mel Signature - Transparent

There is such peace knowing, and actively engaging in, our purpose.

PS. Oh, and on top of committing to actually getting literarily organized, getting serious, and getting writing my book, I also committed to myself that the next time I have the opportunity to speak with Martha, I’m going to be my 100% dork self, tell her this story, ask for a picture, and give her a copy of my new book.  I forgot to ask for a picture this time because I was freakin’ out, hahahaa.. good lord.  Of course I love that a pic is now a new motivating future goal.  Silver lining as always, peeps.  🙂  Ok, I’m out.
PPS. Edited in 2017 to share my book!!!! It took me a while, but we made it. Keep going, my friends… keep choosing things that align with what matters to YOU… what YOU want to create and contribute, and you can never go wrong.
PPPS. Edited in 2022 to share ALL my books. 😉

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