The BEST getting to lead a session on identifying fear and clarifying values at the Ellevate Network #mobilizewomen pre-Summit session with all the chapter leaders from around the country and world.

I got to share about some of the most powerful influences in my life from my experiences with those people and I got to reflect real-time with those in the room hearing how the bigger insights in those stories can find application for or support their own lives, work, challenges or goals.

Now THAT’s magnifying positive power and ripples of impact that literally have no end.
Yes yes yes.
More please. 😉
It was a true honor to dive into discussion with such a dynamic and committed group and do the work together to bring actionable insights to the surface for all of us.

To learn more about having me come in as a keynote speaker of session facilitator, CLICK HERE.

Right on, #goteam #grateful

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