Sometimes life delivers this phase where you feel unclear, confused.. like you’re just bumbling around being a loser.

Even worse, you don’t know what to do next to guarantee your motivated, non-loser status.
So sucks.
And you’re also pretty aware that if you had a direction, you’d be guns blazing, full of energy and willingness to act and make your next goal happen for yourself.
F*ck yeah.
But damn, that time when we don’t have that direction??? That time when we don’t have a goal that gives us energy? That time when we’re desperately trying to figure that next phase out so we can feel that calm AND fire again?
Hard core emotional times, right there.

So how do we get out of this emotional circling to rise and move forward in a new way?

Try this:

1. Recognize first you’re in this emotional swirling because you currently lack a goal that matters to you. This goal could either release you from pain, or create something in alignment with your core values. Both are equally useful to get us springing up from feeling low. Because both matter to us. External circumstances affect us SO MUCH LESS when we are grounded in a purposeful pursuit.
2. Reflect like a BOSS. I’m serious. Look very intentionally at how you’ve been approaching life up to now, what you’ve achieved, what you’re doing or not doing now, and what if you were really REALLY hard-core honest with yourself, you KNOW you want to stop doing, and what you really and truly want to take on for yourself and your life going forward. The deeper you consider, the more powerful results you’ll get. (If you’re not sure how to “go deep,” call me and I’ll help you.)
3. Set goals rooted in that last part. That really REALLY honest part. Decide your future from there. Decide your goals from there. And remember, not all long-term goals will be fun, but they WILL make you feel good about yourself. Pick a long-term goal that includes that and attach every short-term goal to it.
Your energy will not lie.
You will feel the release of tension as clarity and foresight fill your brain and your body.
Feels good.
Sure, there’s tons of work to do, but you know you can do anything, as long as you know what that is.

Goals that matter, matter.

This is why.

If you need some help with this process that’s easy and affordable, CLICK HERE.
I made up this worksheet and video series to help people set goals that matter to them AND give them the structure and insight to follow-through bigger picture.
Click here to check that out. It’s only 11 dollars because here, we go to eleven. 😉
Any questions, thoughts, feedback, as always, I’m here.
Big fat love,
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