Back in the day, during my senior year at Middlebury College, my best girlfriends and I took a trip to Italy.

One of my first international vacations. On that trip, my lovely and long-time friend, Kate, had her badass film camera  (35mm, yeah!) and was taking tons of pictures, same as me. Given we all loved taking pictures and pretty much freaked out at the idea of ALL of us not having ALL of them, we coined the term “blanket dubs.” IMG_0818Blanket dubs meant, in the era of 1-hour photo 4×6 prints as the only way to see your pics.. blanket doubles. There were six of us on this trip and we all agreed to get six sets of our prints so that everyone could relax during the trip that they’d have all the great shots in the end.
Of course we took the term and turned it into a ridiculous killing of the joke where anytime anyone was taking any seemingly awesome photo of anything or any moment, we would say, “blanket dubs.” Like EVERY TIME. It was never not hilarious. I’m cracking up now just writing about it. Even now, nearly 20 years later, we still say it to each other despite proverbial “dubs” of any kind going the way of the Dodo given the digital revolution.
So, Kate and I both considered photography as documentation of the life experience certainly, and also as an art form. Much of the art in my home in fact is photographs I have taken from meaningful and memorable experiences throughout my life. Every time I see these special shots I feel good. One of the things Kate did on our Italy trip was take pictures of interesting and beautiful doors. I fell in love with this… with doors as beautiful then too through her example and I have been taking pictures of them ever since. And I did the throughout the entire WMFT.
Doors weren’t the only theme throughout the World Tour… and that’s part of my goal now that it’s over and I’m reflecting back on the transformational, creative, comical, and let’s be honest, life-altering journey… is to share the themes I saw emerge.
This one is to thank my friend Kate for her creative inspiration way back then and to share with you a visual art project I envisioned at the onset of the WMFT.
Doors as art… doors as inspiration… doors as opportunity… doors as contribution… when you look through the images collected below, what do YOU see?
Big love,

photo 2 photo 3 photo 2 As we know.... I love doors. And artsy fartsy photos with doors. Stay tuned for more as the #WMFT continues.   photo 2 Doors. #NotreDame photo 5   photo 2 photo 4 Kinda looks like a hat. photo 2     photo 3 This is the door he escaped through after being warned by a young German soldier who's life he saved in WWI. Such a moving story, I'm not doing it justice at all. They then called this the Liberty door. Doors. #ChristianBonfils photo 5 Doors. Doors. photo 3 photo 5 Doors. This one with a little holiday spirit. :) San Marino door, check! Doors. photo 3 Doors. Doors. Doors. photo 4 Doors. My door this time. :)   Doors. Doors. Doors.  

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