So I’ve been riding the wave to de-clutter central, and it’s sweet.

Now that my office is clear and clean, it’s ready for a facelift.  The finishing touches.  It’s time to make it awesome.  That’s the next step.  De-cluttering gets our energy on the rise, and making our space our own, filled with reminders of what we love, that’s what takes us to the next level.  Looking at those things and feeling great in our space ups our motivation.  With more motivation, we do more, we finish faster, we’re more creative.. we basically embody our rock star selves.  I don’t know about you, but I’m into rock stars.  And definitely when it’s me.
So boom, pictures on the walls, flowers on my desk, and that perfect little end table to go next to my big leather chair.  That’s what works for me.  What works for you?  What’s gonna bring out your inner rock star?  Pictures?  Art?  Graduation certificates?  A massive bulletin board?  A massive white board?  Inspirational quotes?  A unique chandelier?  A ridiculously comfortable chair?  Matching cabinets and the mahogany desk you always associated with success?  Whatever it is, I say go for it.. make it happen, and enjoy the awesome.

Here are some of the ideas I have for the walls:
Most definitely a piece close to my heart.. my best friends in New York made this for me.. everyone at my going-away party signed it.. this was back in 2002… 10 years ago, and still, every time I look at it.. it makes me happy.

I plan to make a “Gallery Wall,” which basically is one wall covered with various pieces or pictures, hung collectively to create one larger statement.  Each piece on the wall has it’s own story, and when hung as a whole, a bigger, more powerful story is told.  Each of these pieces are stories for sure… if you want to know them, just ask, I’ll tell you.

If it’s not clear already, I love New York.  Reminds me of the kick-a** life I’ve gotten to live, all because of the courageous choices I’ve made.  I took this picture.  On one of my many walks around the city by myself.  Still one of my favorite things to do.  Grab a camera and go.

This piece I just made. This is an old t-shirt I had sitting in my closet for over a year because I knew someday I wanted to make something like this.  See.. that’s me on the t-shirt.  And I always thought that was just the coolest thing.. so I didn’t want it to get lost into my history.  May seem like a strange thing to frame, but it means a lot to me… it reminds me of the sport I love, it reminds me of what I’ve achieved following my heart, and it allows me to keep that part of me around as I evolve out of full-time professional skydiving.  And that’s a big one!  Phew. Definitely a topic for another blog post. 😉 (I plan to put up freefall pics too, just don’t have any of those together yet! :))

Will keep you posted and definitely post a pic of the finished product.  Hope I gave you a few good ideas, and I’m always open to more, so if you got any good ones, I’m all ears!
Thanks again, team!