**Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by GoPro, I just love mine and want to share it’s awesomeness with you. :)**

So I’ve been having this great week with my folks here in FL, and for some reason just really started using my GoPro camera for things outside of skydiving.

I’ve definitely used it before, but this trip has officially solidified my opinion that GoPro’s are the sh*t– for everything– extreme sports and family fun alike.
The clarity of the image, the high definition quality, the explosive colors, and the ridiculous wide angle. These are shots that show your experience in a new, unique, and often stunning way. For artsy fartsy picture fanatics like me, you will LOVE this.  Especially for those of us who take a lot of self-photos (um, me :p), it captures SO much more of the scene!  Not sure how I’m going to handle being outside camera for TLOMB Freefly this year.. hmm, keep you posted. Anyway, given I actually am as fanatical about photos as I say I am, I can be trusted on this front. I’m always the one setting up timer-photos, and always the one handing my camera to the waitress or random stranger saying, “Can you please take a picture of us?”  Yeah, that’s me. And it’s always worth it.  Always.
The GoPro is also a video camera (HD footage), comes in a waterproof case, so you can take it swimming/snorkeling/surfing/watersliding/whatever.. it has a sport mode to take 3 pics in quick succession, and a mode to take pics every few seconds for as long as you leave it on. This last one is super fun on skydives, anything with action, and also can be killer for time-lapses.  Or if you’re too lazy to use the timer, it works easy for that too.  I used it below to catch a cool pic of the badass bird that’s been hangin’ with us all week.
Anyway, thought I’d write a little post pimping what I think is pimp.  Hope it helps you enjoy your memories even more. 🙂
(As I said above, I am not sponsored by GoPro, I actually got mine as a gift. 🙂 That said, I am sponsored by GetHypoxic.com, and if you want a GoPro, you should totally buy it from them and feel good about supporting a great business run by great people. Cool.)
Ok, back to the good stuff… below are a few of my fave shots so far from this week hangin’ with Mom and Al. 🙂

First day, Banana Bay, and Mom rocking her highcomms shirt. Love everything about this picture.

Evening beverages with Mom and Al on their dock in front of their sweet snowbird pad. Set the camera on one of the dock posts about 5 feet away from the table, and this is what it got. So cool.

I mean, dang, right.. what else could show this scene better. I’m slightly embarrassed, but some of my friends will be proud of me for posting this one. The long angle makes me look skinny, so I’m cool with it. 😉

Brucie! This is the bird that totally hangs out at my parents’ place. Love him. He’s so cute! I set up the GoPro on the ground taking continuous stills, to see if I could get a closer shot of him. Enhanced this one in iPhoto for fun to blast the colors, and here we are. Happy. 🙂

Not that wild a photo, but it captures the entire scene of Al’s softball game. That’s him in the fluorescent yellow shirt. Great record of this memory, and for me… that’s what this is about. 🙂

Hope this helped any of my fellow photo fanatics out there! Thank you as always for reading, and any other tips, would love to hear ’em, just post in the comments below.

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