Integration… why? How?

Getting ourselves to the deeper healing with plant medicine is one thing. Learning how to work with it and amplify our take-aways is another. Follow that up with integration and coaching, and watch your life and yourself TRANSFORM.
I’m not f*cking around. We have NO IDEA what is available to us on the other side of our brave and disciplined effort.
This has been my experience and the experience of many others I know. Will it be yours? I have no idea.
Plant medicine or no, I have been life coaching for going on 20 years and have seen time and time again with clients (and myself) the power of pulling on threads and doing the work to quite literally change our minds.
Plant medicine helps us pull poison out of our bodies and poisonous ideas out of our blind spots. It helps us retrench healthier neural pathways in its place. It helps us heal.
If we are willing to do the real work, what’s possible is always beyond our comprehension in the best possible ways.
If you are looking for ways to bolster your own integration approach or support system..

Here are 7 options: 

  • 1-on-1 life coaching with yours truly. This is the most potent, powerful option. We are a team for your healing, for your goals.
  • Group coaching facilitated by yours truly. This group is for women only and is powerful in a different way given the energies of the other magnificent members.
  • Trust the Journey Integration coaching circles facilitated by Jay and me. This is real-time virtual connecting in community
  • Join the Trust the Journey family group. This will be useful only if you engage it. The space is meant for emotional support and is safely held by Jay and me. It will be up to you to share vulnerably into it to get the support you’re after.
  • Every insight the medicine gives you in your ceremony, write them down and post them up somewhere in your space where you can see them regularly. This will help you keep them top of mind, which will help inform your choices more as a result.
  • Continue to journal as you do your best to live into the insights and directives the medicine has given you. This will help you continue to pull on your unique threads of healing.
  • Ask friends you trust (and don’t want to let down) to be your touchpoint for accountability. Set some level of frequency for your communication around whatever action you want to commit to that is in service to your integration and growth.
There are loads of other options to engage our integration and healing with more direct action and intention, but these are a solid start.

With every piece of our support system, we will get out of it what we put in. 

Whether you choose one of the above options or you use other methods and modalities, what’s universal is the more you show up in these spaces and in this effort, the more they will deliver back to you.
Show up. Keep showing up. It will deliver.
Any questions, fire away.
With you always.
PS. Sometimes what my integration looks like. Obvs.

PPS. If you have questions about this version of healing and want to ask them with a safe, trusted person, we can talk. Book time with me here.

Disclaimer: Anything shared in this email is for informational purposes ONLY. I do not promote doing anything illegal. Consult trained medical professionals on anything relative to your physical, mental and emotional health.