One of the things I’ve done over my 20+ year career is consistently put myself out there IN the process.

I believe deeply that there is insanely high value in our bearing witness to the humanity inside the high-achieving.

No one does anything worthwhile or huge without feeling all kinds of things along the way.

Including but not limited to: Fear, imposter syndrome, depression, waves of anxiety, self-doubt, apathy, frustration… AND, joy, flow, freedom, fire, love, true gratitude, motivation, connection and all the times alignment rushes in through our intuition to remind us we actually ARE on the right path.
It’s all there.
Next-level performance in our increasingly connected world and demanding work cultures will only be accessed if we embrace and begin to really work with these parts of our humanity.
I’ve shared recently how I’ve been working on my new speaker reel. Here is “Speaker reel – FINAL8” haha… there will be additional versions beyond this one too.
THIS is how it actually happens. Big things require a long road. Require rigorous effort over time.
We cannot sustain this kind of effort over time if we don’t allow, acknowledge and work with our FULL HUMAN SELVES.
Speaking of this speaker reel, or any creative project, or work outcome we’re after, we torture ourselves to finally eek out version 1, lovingly known as the “sh*tty first draft.” Sometimes we can hit a wall after this version and get re-stuck, but when we’re committed, we are willing to reach out to our network, take the tough feedback and keep making changes to keep making our product/message/IMPACT better and better.
The latter is definitely my game.

Watch my speaker reel HERE and bring me in to work with your team if it resonates.

If you are someone or know someone whose company or team would benefit from bringing me in as a speaker/facilitator, I welcome these introductions. is the best place for us to connect.
If you come to this post later in life, you may even get to see “Speaker reel – FINAL25” haha. Regardless, I’m glad you’re here and I hope my sharing a bit more of the humanity in my process helps you embrace more of your own too.
Win-win always and only.