Today is my 5-year anniversary living in New Jersey. Who knew Jersey would be where my soul would end up finding its peace and feeling of home.

SO MUCH has happened in these last 5 years, starting with my gratitude for Sarah Walko’s trust in me as her friend asking me to move with her to this cool town when she got her amazing new role at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey. When Sarah asked me, I had already decided that I was going to move back closer to New York City and had been exploring the Hudson Valley commuter towns. The Universe served this option up on the proverbial silver platter and I KNEW it was the right way to go. I knew because my intuition was undeniably clear, AND I had made so many missteps in the few years leading up to this move, I also KNEW what was NOT right for me haha, ahhh life! 😉
Since then, I have published two additional books, one a stunning graphic memoir on heartbreak, healing and rising with Sarah and Kirsten Kramer (on Amazon now), the other my own most significant life’s work in How to Fly (now in it’s FINAL form in print and on Audible, just sayin 😉 haha), had some major challenges, had some major victories, started skydiving again after 2 years down, quit drinking alcohol (almost at 5 years! 🔥), did some of the deepest healing of my life (which I continue to do today), launched a collaborative podcast with Jay Mo deep-diving into our integration, healing, seeking and growing together in the safe spaces of our trusted relationships, made a few ridiculous films becuase, you know, nonsense is my most fave 🤓, got life-changing opportunities with Amy Chimmy, Highlight and Women’s Skydiving Network, got to kick off this dream work with one of my most cherished communities of change-makers, opening HATCH in 2019 that turned into THE dream team full of wildly incredible and accomplished professional skydiving women I have admired my entire career doing work that really matters in both our sport and bigger world, my life coaching business grew in multiples and continues to be the most fulfilling work I do over 15 years in (Matil continues to be way more popular than me on the internet, obviously), I got to jump out of my Dad’s plane at home after 20 years, got to spend multiple weeks and ride horses in FL with my Mom and BFF’s (bucket list!! 🥰🙏🏻), I braved the jungle of modern dating, learned so much and got to the most peaceful and connected place I’ve ever been in relationship (which all started with myself, of course), I went from full recluse when I first moved to Jersey to an active member in my community and just today helped my friends at my coworking space close their doors on their original building as we transition to the new space in January. Oh and survived a global pandemic with ever increasing gratitude for every moment I get with my family and loved ones.
I’m sure so much more happened, but that’s a solid list. New chapters, fresh starts, big challenges that are actually huge opportunities for transformation. Lean in to the support, friendship and family in your life too, my friends. In whatever form it takes for you too. So much gratitude. I have tears in my eyes as I type this. It really is amazing how far we all can come when we continue to show up… when we continue to be brave… when we continue to trust our own intuition and lean in the directions we are called, whether it’s creatively, in community, in connection or any other lane of life.
What will we do in the next 5?!! Eeeeee!! Exciting!!!
So much love.
Ps. There are a million more pics but this is pretty much a collection of Sarah’s and my photo shoots over the years, duh 😆, starting in Vermont 🌳🍁 except the last one, which is from today. ❤️🙏🏻✨💫