Happy holidays, my friends!

I don’t know about you, but I am ending this year with much gratitude.
Relentless gratitude for all the things I have while continuing to work toward the things that I want amidst some of the wildest, most perceptibly unpredictable times in my 42 years to date.
A lot of things that I wanted to happen this year, didn’t happen. And that’s ok.
I believe the Universe always has our back, and this year felt no different.
It simply looked ENTIRELY DIFFERENTLY than my brain could have conjured in early March.
So many things happened that I would never have experienced without the insanity that has been 2020.
I wanted to get my Audible book published by the end of September. Today is December 23rd… Christmas Eve Eve! haha Ask pretty much I have learned SO MUCH about the process of recording and publishing audible content this year, and I experienced myself stronger than I have known myself to date too.
The Audible book WILL be out soon. My new goal is by the 2-year mark from the publication of the print copy, January 27th, 2021… also my birthday. 🙂
The lesson… I’m persisting.
I’m keeping going even when it’s hard.
I’m keeping going even when it’s not turning out how I want it to.
I didn’t get to see my family nearly as much this year as I would have liked, but we found ways through safe quarantining to make visits happen. Matil even got to visit her grandparents house and play outside on the lawn for a few weeks! #cryingemoji #mybeautifulgirl
I spent more time at home than I ever have in my recent professional life.
I have said many times in recent years how I wanted to hike more, spend more time in the forest, in nature. 2020 was the year that manifested.
I also stepped on some of the biggest metaphorical stages of my career too, doing the biggest media I’ve ever done, speaking to some of the largest audiences both with Highlight and my own speaking. On those stages, I was able to show up for the first time using my voice and platform as an active ally for racial justice and equality at large. The only reason this was possible is because of my own personal commitment in recent years to listen deeply, to learn deeply and to bravely speak when it was time to show up in that way too. This year was that year.
Let’s all absolutely keep going on this one.
I felt the terror at the idea of all my work instantly ending only to be met with more work than I’ve ever had, doing things that have me deeply excited and motivated. With that, I have found new ways to work sustainably in a digital-only world, under high work load and in new partnership. Oh my goodness, soooooo many gifts in this area.
Relentless gratitude. 
I yo-yo’d like a boss with my eating as I rode the Covid emotional roller coaster with most everyone in the world, and ultimately ended up learning more about wearable technology, experimenting with new routines and getting into hip-hop dance videos. My dream of being in a hip-hop dance troupe at some point in my life is in sight! haha
I’m up early because my friends are awesome enough to be joining me in morning workouts, us helping each other to get moving when, at least for me, it’s so easy to slip into laziness with exercise and eating.
There’s so much more to share, but ultimately my support team SHOWED UP this year. Whether it’s your best friends, family, therapist, coach, an awesome person’s supportive online feed, a group of like minds and like hearts… continue to lean into your support team as you need to too.
I count myself extremely lucky to get to be on the support team of others too.
I lead an intimate life coaching group for women that has 2 spots open heading into 2021. It’s a special crew in a super supportive space facilitated by yours truly, and a more affordable way to get access to a support team if you currently feel you don’t have one and could benefit from that experience.
Check out how to apply HERE.
Truly hit me up if you ever want help. That is 100% why I am here.
There is so much more to share, but I’ll leave it at that for today.
Massive gratitude to each and every one of you here.
Happiest holidays, beautiful souls!